The Georgia Winery is the perfect sweet escape! It is located in the quaint town of Ringgold, Georgia off Battlefield Pkwy. You can see it easily from the highway.

It was Georgia’s first farm winery.

Their website states, “It all started in 1982 when founder Dr. Rawlings bought land to farm and soon learned it was only good for growing grapes!” They offer many different wines and unique wines, but the Georgia Winery specializes in sweet southern wine. If sweet wines are your thing, you will love to try the many options that they have.

The Georgia Winery

It is such a fun experience to visit the Georgia Winery. Their wine has been a go-to for us, and visiting the winery has been a favorite place of ours for a long time. We try to visit a few times a year.

The Georgia Winery is the perfect place for a day trip if you live close enough or if you are staying close to the area. They have a beautiful tasting room where they offer five free wine tastings to help you pick the perfect one! You can then get a glass of wine, try a wine flight with four options, or even a yummy wine slushy. Pair this with one of their amazing appetizers (the charcuterie board is my favorite) for the best wine-tasting experience.

Sitting and enjoying the company of your significant others, best friends, or family is so much fun! We have had many laughs and enjoyable talks while visiting the winery. The atmosphere is very peaceful.

The patio area is really cool because you can sit and look at a small portion of the Vineyard. It’s perfect when the weather is nice and you want to spend some time getting fresh air. There’s nothing better than sweet wine, fresh air, and good company.

One thing we would love to do, and wish we had already done, is take a tour of the facilities. They offer tours occasionally of the winery and show you how they do things behind the scenes.

Georgia Winery Patio
Georgia Winery Patio and Vineyard

If you are looking for fun things to do with your spouse or girlfriends, the monthly events at the Georgia Winery are perfect! They host very fun events like paint ‘n sip parties, murder mysteries, and wicks and wine, which are candle-making parties.

These are perfect for having some much-needed fun with the people you enjoy the most!

We have tried all of the wine options they offer year-round- and love almost all of them. My (Catherine) absolute favorite used to be Chattanooga Blush, then Rhett, but over the years, I have become more drawn to semi-dry wine, so I prefer their Riesling now. Brett prefers their Backyard Blend which is a red blend.

They also come out with seasonal wines throughout the year, and we always try to make a trip to try the new ones! It’s fun for people who love to try new wine flavors.

My least favorite is the Muscadine wine simply because I don’t care for Muscadines. If you do, you will love the flavor!

The Georgia Winery- Two Wine Glasses

Their hours of operation are listed on their website here. You can also follow them on social media to see all the latest updates and newest wine flavors. They also offer shipping so you can enjoy their wines from anywhere in the US.

If you have been to the Georgia Winery, we would love to know what your favorite wine is that they have! If you haven’t been, we would love some new wine suggestions and recommendations, and hope someday you get to visit!

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