Montego Bay, Jamaica Airport

Have you ever been interested in all-inclusive resorts? From the mile of the private beach to the swim-up bar to the beautiful ocean views, Secrets Wild Orchid in Montego Bay, Jamaica gives you the perfect all-inclusive experience! We enjoyed a perfect five-day stay there.

It was the perfect getaway during the cold winter weather we were having at home during December. You can never go wrong with the beach, sunny and seventy-five.

​Keep reading for all you need to know about booking, arriving, and what to expect with your stay.

How to Book a Stay at Secrets Wild Orchid Resort

I love using to book our trips and activities!

If you have a travel agent, they can also book your stay with Secrets Wild Orchid (there’s also a Secrets St. James Montego Bay location).

Another option is to go directly to their website to book your stay.

​Whichever option you choose should be easy and allow you to get on to the next phase of your trip, planning!

You can book a regular room or you can upgrade to a preferred club suite. If you become a preferred club member, you will have more perks throughout your stay.

What Should I Pack?

What you should pack depends on what you plan on doing at the resort. From the beach, swimming pool, fitness center, and spa, there are plenty of activities to plan for.

Think about the activities you want to participate in, and then plan your wardrobe accordingly. Brett and I both took swimsuits, and comfortable clothes to wear to the beach and around the hotel, and we took nice clothes to wear to dinner in the evening.

If you plan on visiting the fitness center, tennis courts, or spa, bring clothes you feel comfortable in for these activities.

​Since you will be flying into Jamaica, make sure to follow the 3-ounce rule for your toiletry items. I recommend bringing your toiletry items of course, but the resort does provide you with the basic items if needed.

I also recommend bringing sunscreen and other items you may need for the beach. Sunscreen is the only thing I forgot to bring on our trip. They do have a gift shop where you can purchase items like this if you forget them, though so don’t worry if you forget something!

Getting There

My husband and I live in the southern part of the United States, so getting to Jamaica was fairly easy. The flight was a little over an hour. We flew into the Montego Bay International Airport.

We scheduled a pick-up from the airport to transport us to the resort. From the airport, it was about a 30-minute ride by bus to reach our destination for the next five days!

​Getting back to the airport for the trip home was also a breeze. They transport you from the resort to the airport with no problems.



We arrived right at our check-in time and we were taken care of immediately. The concierge services were amazing! There were bellhops to take our luggage to get it to our room without us having to keep up with it.

We were also greeted with Champagne while waiting to be checked into the resort and get our room information. The front desk and the rest of the staff were very nice and friendly and greeted us with a smile!

The process of checking into the resort and confirming our information was easy. After a short while, we were ready to enjoy paradise for the next five days.

Mimosa at Secrets Wild Orchid Jamaica Resort


Secrets Wild Orchid Resort has a laundry list of property features. We were very impressed with everything it had to offer.

The resort has free wi-fi that is accessible all throughout. This was nice because we were able to keep in touch with our family back home whenever we wanted without worrying about having an international phone plan.

They offer 24-hour room service as well as concierge service which we happily used a few times! When we didn’t feel like leaving the room and wanted to enjoy time on the private balcony or relax with each other in the hot tub in the room.

The mile of private beach was amazing to relax on and explore! We went walking and enjoyed the swim-out access to cool off in the water. The beach service was fabulous!

Other amenities include the Secrets Spa (they offer several spa packages), luxurious suites, flat-screen TV, unlimited connectivity, plenty of bars, live music, plenty of entertainment, and fabulous a la carte restaurants!


After checking in and getting our room information, we were excited to check it out. Our luggage was delivered to our room very quickly. The room had a private balcony with a nice view of the pool and deck area. We could also see the beautiful expansive white sand beach from our balcony (peep the beautiful pictures from our balcony)! The water is so beautiful.

Our room was very nice. We had complimentary robes & slippers waiting for us in our room.

There was a shower, a large soaker tub, and a toilet, which had a private area separate from the lounging area. The king-size bed was big and comfy, and I enjoyed the seating and desk area to work on my writing during our downtime in the evenings.

The room was the perfect size for us and was very comfortable and cozy. We spent some time relaxing and taking naps when we came in from the beach.

Resort Suite- Bathroom Area
Resort Suite- Hot Tub- Large Soaking Tub
Resort Suite- Bed
Beach and sky view from the balcony
Pool and Deck View from the Balcony

The Food

The food is usually my favorite part of any vacation (lol). This trip did not disappoint!

There were many different options for food throughout the resort. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks were easy to come by all throughout the day. We enjoyed cuisine from all over the world and got to try new things.

On the first day we arrived, we started by ordering room service while we settled in from the journey there. We ordered a yummy Jamaican Jerk pizza and it really hit the spot! Afterward, we were ready to explore the resort.

There were plenty of restaurants, lounges, and bars to choose from at the resort.

In the mornings, there was a breakfast room with a huge buffet-style breakfast with tons of options, coffee, and mimosas! If you didn’t want to do the buffet, you could visit Coco’s Cafe to grab a coffee and pastry to go.

During the day, they had beachside places to grab a bite to eat and they also had servers that would walk along the pool and beach area and take orders!

There are really nice bars throughout the resort with top-shelf spirits, wine, and mixed drinks to choose from.

There was cuisine from all over the world offered to us each day. Each restaurant has its own dining room and location throughout the resort. It is very easy to find them because they are all in the same general vicinity.

There is a dress code for each restaurant, mostly casual elegance (long pants for men, sandals or dress shoes, and dress shirts).

Blue Mountain- Jamaican Caribbean Cuisine

Blue Mountain offered Caribbean-style food. This is definitely one of our favorite choices. One of my go-to meals at home is Jamaican Jerk pork chops. The food options at Blue Mountain were traditional and very yummy! 

Bordeaux- French Cuisine

Many of you may know that France holds my heart, so trying French cuisine was a must. It felt more like gourmet dining, so I dressed a little nicer when we went to this restaurant than the others (it has the same dress code, though). French food, wine, and dessert… what more could you ask for?

El Patio- Classic Mexican Cuisine

Mexican food is our all-time favorite. We have tried Mexican cuisine in almost every city or country that we have visited. We ate at this restaurant twice during our trip. The food was amazing and definitely authentic!  

Himitsu- Pan-Asian Cuisine

For this restaurant, you need reservations. It was the only restaurant that you needed a reservation for at the resort. It was basically like eating at a hibachi restaurant. The chef cooks in from of you and you sit around a table with other people while he cooks the food. It was a lot of fun eating at Himitsu! It was fun talking with the chef as he was cooking and seeing his awesome skills.

Portofino- Trattoria-Style Italian Cuisine

Portofino was a nice option. It is an open-air-style restaurant with seating options indoors and outdoors. The atmosphere was really nice at this restaurant, and the food was good as well. If you enjoy Italian cuisine, you are sure to love the menu here. 

We were honestly impressed with how good the food was at each restaurant! 

The only restaurant we didn’t get to try was Oceana. It is a seafood restaurant that serves lunch and dinner. It is located next to one of the pools close to the ocean. It was packed each time we tried to go, so I suggest getting there early if you want to try it. 

The Beach

The beach was right outside of the resort. I enjoyed being able to leave our room, take the elevator, walk outside, and the beach literally being right there!

I absolutely loved lounging on the beach all day. The water was beautiful, clear, and felt amazing.

The food and drink options close by were great. Our favorite lunch and snack option was the jerk chicken! The “chicken man” (as we called him) would walk along the beach area pushing a cart where he was making jerk chicken on the spot. The jerk chicken was phenomenal, spicy, and authentic. It was perfect for the Jamaican vibe.

The beach was the most relaxing part of the trip. We enjoyed lying in the sun and taking naps. We also enjoyed listening to the waves and the fun happening around us.

We could also get fresh coconut water (insert heart eyes!) and had unlimited access to all the food and drinks we wanted!

The Beach at Secrets Wild Orchid Resort
Beautiful Clear Caribbean Sea
Coconut Water
The beach, sand, and umbrella

The Activities

There were plenty of activities to keep you busy and entertained during your trip if you wanted. They had an itinerary set up each day for activities starting early in the morning. There were poolside games like trivia or yoga in the mornings.

We spent most of our time relaxing by the beach, having a cocktail, or enjoying good food. We did like to enjoy the festivities and entertainment in the evening.

One of my favorite nights, they had a live band, and people would have dance-offs on the stage. It was so much fun to watch everyone dancing. By the end of the night, they had everyone on the dance floor doing the Macarena. It was a blast!

Another evening they had a beach party with music and dancing as well. It was a lot of fun for us to learn new dances together.

This has been one of our favorite trips ever (I may say that about all of them, though)! Having everything you need in a short walking distance, the beach right outside your room, the pool, all-you-can-eat food and drinks, and the beautiful scenery. The unlimited luxury truly was paradise, and we enjoyed every minute of it!

I recommend a trip like this if you want to relax and not have to worry about things to do, where to go, or getting around a strange city. Everything you need is right on the resort.

Do you have a favorite all-inclusive resort that you love to travel to? We would love to hear about it and why you love it!

Until next time,

The Traveling Tylers